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Scholars with Athletic/Artistic/Academic Goals

"Be the change you want to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi.


As a 5th-8th grade student at GESU, Jada achieved and maintained academic honors while playing basketball and running track. During her time at GESU, there were not many awards for female student-athletes. From this experience, she remembered the great words of Gandhi and put them into action. She decided to create an award. She felt it was her mission and responsibility to acknowledge and honor young women who both work exceptionally hard in the classroom and in their sport. 

With this idea in her heart, Jada, founder of S.W.A.G, birthed theThe Jada J. Distinguish Student-Athlete Award. This award is presented to a girl who is a Student-Athlete who is active in sports for at least two years at GESU and maintains academic honors. The purpose of this award is to praise female students who are able to maintain their studies while being a superstar in their sport. The award includes a plaque and monetary gift towards their 8th grade tuition.

Scholars With Athletic/Academic/Artistic Goals more affectionately known as S.W.A.G., began in 2019 with the idea to recognize girls with Athletic, Academic, and Artistic accomplishments. The nonprofit expanded from just providing school tuition scholarships, to awarding college book awards, tuition program scholarships, mentorship, and free workshops for young women.


S.W.A.G's foundation stands on 4 pillars: self-esteem, self-worth, reflection and journaling. While along with providing scholarships,S.W.A.G also sets a platform for workshops. The signature program, “I Am…” workshop promotes conversation, reflection, and provides the teacher with a platform, in the classroom, to continue to talk about self-esteem. 

Proceeds for awards also support tuition for dance camps, college room supplies, and uniform purchases.

Our Mission


Scholars With Athletic/Artistic/Academic Goals is a non-profit organization dedicated to motivating, uplifting, encouraging, and helping young women reach their goals through mentorships, workshops, and scholarships.


Our Goal

To encourage, empower, and elevate young women by providing them with resources to reach their dreams.

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“Be the Girl who decides to go for it.”


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